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North and west is Hells Kitchen, in the “40’s” (most Manhattan area locations are so approximated by their east-west numbered streets) is an old ethnic area and warehouse district enjoying a residential renaissance, to soon be aided by an elevated bikeway and commercial corridor along an old rail line.

Times Square and the Theater District just west of Midtown contain the world-famous theaters and numerous restaurants.

And because we consider ourselves a local bar, you’re invited to come by yourself or with a group and find that you’ll make some new friends over great conversation.

We have plenty of TVs to watch the game, plus Trivia Nights, live music and special events, too.

Much of Lower Manhattan consists of narrow, haphazard streets, dating back to the city’s earliest days as a Dutch colony.

Actual crime rates in areas where many people work (higher daytime population) may be lower.Brooklyn is large and diverse enough to function as a standalone city, with large and some upscale residential areas with a modern downtown and substantial commercial and retail offerings areas.