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Instead of radial incisions, a curvilinear pattern is used to smooth the areas of the cornea that are too steeply curved.In some instances, surgeons have combined RK with AK in patients with myopia with astigmatism.The established indications for radial keratotomy were based on the 1992 AAO Ophthalmic Procedures Assessment of Radial Keratotomy for Myopia.The AAO's position on RK was reaffirmed in the 1997 AAO Preferred Practice Pattern on Refractive Errors, which restated that RK is indicated for "[l]ow to moderate myopia".The RK incision was easily divided when deep lamellar keratoplasty was performed and the patient obtained a stable visual outcome.The authors concluded that It is possible that mini-RK enhancement after PRK induced central corneal haze and reduces corneal integrity.According to guidelines from the AAO, radial keratotomy has been shown to be effective for treatment of myopia ranging from -2.00 to -8.00 diopters.Radial keratotomy has not been proven to be effective for treatment of myopia greater than -8.00 diopters or for other refractive errors.

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Although the efficacy of refractive surgery is improving, the accuracy and precision of the refractive corrections achieved is substantially less than that which can be achieved with spectacle correction.

Four years later, a second PRK was done, myopic regression was subsequently observed, and corneal haze persisted.