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19-Aug-2017 06:46

Apple had previously said it had no plans to activate Reserve and Pickup in the US though.They previously activated the system in America last year a day after the i Phone 7’s launch.If someone who has reserved an i Phone X misses their pickup window, the device becomes available to another buyer.The Reserve and Pickup system will not arrive in time for the i Phone X release date.Apple has apparently redesigned the i Phone to feature an edge-to-edge display that's rumoured to cover the entire front of the phone, with a unique glass and metal finish.

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Apple did not reveal how many units would be available, but advised people to “arrive early” if they want to pick up an i Phone X.

The i Phone X, which has been dubbed the future of the smartphone, features a vibrant 5.8inch OLED screen and a hugely advanced front-facing camera.