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05-Jul-2017 20:37

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Not only have I not seen any performance improvement what so ever compared to 7, it is much a kin to what happened with the switch from XP to Vista.

They have hidden everything that Windows users are accustom to and make it very hard to work with the system itself.

Does Windows 8 offer any improvements in usability or efficiency over 7?

This is a question for the community about the new Windows 8.

Being an IT Professional I spent hours attempting to locate some of the simplest things that you rely on to make changes like control panel options or even the My Computer that we have gotten used to just to work with files between various drives.

While I understand that Microsoft is shaking in their boots over the market share I feel that Windows 8 could very well be the end of Microsoft all together.

I as a consumer feel like I am being abandoned from a company that I have been loyal to for years when it comes to OS platforms going all the way back to 3.1I have found no improvement in speed boot time or any performance related quality, there are a few nice graphical features to it such as better Wallpaper downloads built in for what they now call the lock screen. The Multitasking capabilities are awful compared to previous versions and I got Windows 8 for free as a Student of De Vry University.

I installed Win 8, despite my misgivings, almost immediately after sending the email above, and my impression is nearly wholly positive so far.