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22-Jul-2017 21:30

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The Dubai and Abu Dhabi MFZs host bureaus of international media outlets such as CNN, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya, and Agence France-Presse.Broadcast media outlets based in the MFZs are regulated by the Technology and Media Free Zone Authority but are also subject to the 1980 press law and the penal code.All free zones must obtain approval from the NMC before licensing any print or broadcast activities.There is a journalists’ association, but the group cannot engage in genuine advocacy in the country’s highly restricted environment.Arrested in December 2015, al-Najjar remained in detention at the end of 2016.It was unclear whether he had been formally charged or given access to a lawyer.In a second court appearance in May, the court formally charged him of a range of offenses under the country’s penal code as well as antiterrorism and cybercrime laws.

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He had limited access to legal counsel and claimed to have been tortured in custody. Since his December 2015 arrest, al-Najjar, a Jordanian national, has also been denied due process.

Before his court appearance in April, authorities had held him for eight months without charge, denying him access to a lawyer or his family.

His arrest seemed to be connected to comments he made on Twitter about the UAE and Egyptian governments, as well as his alleged affiliation with banned organizations.

Although the law centers on information technology, it has detrimental implications for both traditional journalism published online and citizen journalism.

Article 24 makes it a crime to use a computer network to “damage the national unity or social peace.” Article 28 of the law states that the publication or dissemination of information, news, or images deemed “liable to endanger state security and its higher interests or infringe on the public order” can lead to imprisonment and a fine of up to 1 million dirhams (0,000).

While the constitution provides for freedom of speech, the government uses its judicial, legislative, and executive powers to limit this liberty in practice. 15 of 1980 for Printed Matter and Publications regulates all aspects of the media and is considered one of the most restrictive press laws in the Arab world.

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