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Technically it’s suggested in the video that you can do any racing job where you’re spectating. The race will start and all your friend has to do is go to the first checkpoint. They can do this by either turning off the whole console or by exiting the game cold.

On PC you can open up the task manager and close out the GTA V process.

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They can be found in a specific place somewhere in the game.In Grand Theft Auto V, the three protagonists are able to seduce some strippers from the Vanilla Unicorn and able to keep them as permanent Booty Calls.There's a couple of bonus booty calls available: Liz Macallen and Ursula, attainable through the Private Fares mission and the Random Encounters respectively.In Grand Theft Auto IV, there are five possible girlfriends for Niko Bellic.

Two of them, Michelle and Kate, are introduced and removed through the storyline.From here there should be a black screen after your friend quits.

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