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Originally Jazz FM could be found on the 102.2 band of FM radio throughout the UK.Today the channel is found internationally via Internet radio on DAB 11a throughout the UK DAB 12A in London and DAB 9A in Norwich.This will feature exclusive e Harmony content throughout it’s 14 day life alongside the romantic music of Nina Simone, Chet Baker, Bill Evans and Earth Wind & Fire.The centrepiece is a special programme over the course that will run on the main station hosted by Mica Paris each evening between 2200–2400 that will push listeners to goes on air on 1st February and runs until midnight on 14th February.

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Licence Commencement Date: Licensee: Jazz FM Limited Contact Details: Nick Pitts Jazz FM Limited75-77 Margaret Street LONDON W1W 8SY Telephone: 02Website: [email protected] Number: RLCS000073BA/1 Last Updated : 12/01/2018 hrs If you need help with your licence please contact the Ofcom Broadcast Licensing team.

Apart from the obvious cost, online listening is much more malleable way to engage, that can lead consumers all over the shop! Online digital platforms are central to being able to deliver that mission and our website and app are at the centre of that.

For example, you have the metadata opportunities to put clickable content into the live radio feed that follows what you hear on air. We don’t have phone in contests — everything is driven through our website.

We learnt that Jazz FM, albeit a commercial operator, has much in common with a public service broadcaster such as the BBC and that we can create stand out content, that many on air and online stations can’t (or won’t).

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It’s proved to us that the restriction to create good content is all in the mind and that you shouldn’t be scared to innovate, in both content, and forms of delivery of that content. I really thought hard about it though — ‘love songs’ can be seen as a very easy target for a more downmarket demo, just like Christmas music, but the quality library of romantic music available in our chosen genre is massive — it’s about packaging it up correctly for our high ABC1 audience.The channel first launched in the year 1990 and then switched over its format in year 2008 to a digital channel only.