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Logocentrism emphasizes the privileged role of logos, i.e.

speech, and claims that speech has been accorded in the Western tradition.

Their aim was to be heard as women within a female discourse rather than women as subjects of male discourse.

This way of writing should become a starting point for a female consciousness as well as a means of subverting the system of patriarchy in society.

Besides, secondary literature on literary and cultural theory as well as feminist practice and poststructuralist theory were used.

Recent research on Cixous’s work, however, could not be found.

This excursion is highly interesting as it is crucial for the understanding of her concept.

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This notion is also known as phallocentrism, coined by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida.

Closely related to that is the authors skepticism towards Sigmund Freud’s language philosophy.

In this context, an elaboration on poststructuralism, the philosophical current Cixous belonged to, follows.

In the second part, we deal with the question of what is actually meant by “women’s writing”.

Furthermore, we will analyze which role the female body and sexuality plays in this context.At that time, women have also been excluded from public discourse, in general.

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