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“It’s typically the young men that go, either of their own volition or as the main earner for the family.“They’re sold a dream and the dream all too often turns very sour, whether it’s in the Gulf States or this, which sounds even worse.” Mr Mc Geehan said “ignorance and deceit” combined to convince migrants that the more they pay, the safer they will be – drawing them into debts that make them increasingly vulnerable to exploitation.

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“The scale of corruption of officials being involved in recruitment is huge – it’s rife.” Bangladeshis are frequently employed for semi-skilled or unskilled labour in north Africa or the Gulf, receiving worse pay and treatment than migrants from richer countries.

“We have reports that in some cases, documents of foreign nationals are confiscated and they are given a ‘slip’ – it can be a way to extort money from them.” Chaos following the British-backed removal of Muammar Gaddafi has seen countless armed factions, including Isis, wage bloody battles for territory as widespread lawlessness allows smugglers to work unchecked along the coast.