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04-Nov-2017 06:08

“Before I found Amy Jo I was isolated, lacking clarity and the application of power in sex and in life.

I chose to do this work knowing that my history of sexual trauma made sexual decision-making confusing.

As the world's largest coaching faculty, all of CTI's trainers have undergone the most comprehensive training and adhere to rigorous industry standards, to ensure an exceptional coach and leadership training experience.

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They can use a range of techniques: talk, role-play or intimate physical approaches like touching or massage.

Until now, this sector has been largely unregulated, and understandably scepticism has run high.

California has become the first state worldwide to certify sex coaches, but it is Britons who are its very first graduates.We are taught at school about pregnancy and sexual disease, but not about pleasure."There are no recorded figures for the number of sex coaches in Britain, but one of the world's pioneering sex coaches, Dr Patti Britton, found there are at least 80 worldwide, when she conducted the first international survey last year.Namita Caen, 46, from London, is another state-certified sex coach, working in California.With his own hang-ups and "shame around the body," he became trained as a counsellor, and graduated from the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality last month as a sex coach.

He now charges £80 an hour for talking therapy, and £120 for physical work, which includes genital massage, but can include having intercourse with a client.

I was making unsafe decisions and didn’t know how to be responsible and free. Having experienced this, I am filled with clarity, confidence and most of all–a sense of inner peace in my sexuality and all areas of my life.” “Before I began this work I was in such a deep, dark hole when it came to sex.