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Caroline and Klaus struggle to name their unborn child. Also - fluff) Rated for language."A man wasn't afraid of death, until he realized he had something to lose." Three-shot in which Sky decides to go on another suicide mission.

The hormonal blond wants to take after all the celebrities while her brooding husband would rather travel the more traditional route. But this time, he has a woman waiting for his return. He makes a very good knight to guard the palace." "That's right, he does." "Auntie Jemma says that's why you picked him to be my daddy. I do not own Agents of SHIELD or any of the characters (Man, would I love to own Grant Ward)A man sits holding a wide awake baby. However, they run into a major problem when they are captured. :) *Kensi gets a surprise from her six year old daughter. Rated T just to be safe, probably should be rated K , but.

Or so she thought until one of his friends burst in through the door, stating that he was alive & coming home. No real throughline or timeframe, just me getting into Callen's head. What happens when two members of the team are thrust together for reasons neither one expected?

Can a man with no past help the one woman he least expected to need him and ensure her future is safe?

I am unsure how this story will progress, so I look forward to feedback about whether there is room for more!

This wasn't the first time they'd been here or the second or the third. It seemed every month they found themselves here, preparing for yet another round of heartbreak.

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Upon his return he learns how much he left behind, and sets out to make it right. Thom E Gemcity sorts through his mail with some friends, looking for the best fan letters. Written in 2013, the first year I posted a story, to express my wonder at the global reach of our stories. Neither Ward, nor Skye, ever dreamed that they'd one day get to this point. They didn't even have to be doing anything more than they were right now, snuggled up under the blankets sharing warmth and the soothing balm of each other's' company. I really like the show and I enjoy the relationship between Ward and Skye. :-)Skye and Ward have a seemingly simple mission for S. But he can't help the feelings that he has for her. Mostly T rated, some small parts are a little bit M rated. The Originals AU: Caroline is pregnant, not Hayley. Charlie pays a surprise visit to the bunker with a copy of one of Chuck's books and something the boys need to read. This fact proves the series to be popular enough to be renewed for the fifth season.